Release Notes

This is a summary of all product features and fixes.


  • Image Bug Fix: We fixed a data location issue that was preventing the TC/User from successfully adding an Image of the property to the Transaction.
  • Create Date on the Order Summary: All Order Summaries now include the "Create Date" of the order. This allows us to know exactly when the order it self was created.
  • Proper Name Saved for Downloaded Documents: As a follow up to the previous release, we added some code to ensure all downloaded document bring their correct name instead of a list of random text objects. This just ensures the user can download the document and when choosing to save the file, they do not have to enter the file name before saving.


  • Document Storage: Going forward all new files uploaded to a transaction in the Coordinator Application will be saved to a newly create Google Bucket .  All legacy files loaded to a transaction prior to the release are still accessible within the Coordinator application on the AWS bucket.  
    • Documents uploaded to a transaction after to 8:45pm on 5/2/2024 are on the new Google Bucket
  • Bug Fix for reopened tasks: We are pleased to inform you that the issue with reopened tasks that were previously marked as completed has been resolved.  
    • Prior to the fix, if a completed task was reopened, the status of the task could be blank and would not show up on other dashboards properly.  
    • Going forward, anytime a user reopens a completed task the status will default to "In Progress"
      • If the user wishes to change the status to "Not Started" or "Awaiting Response" they may do so and the application will save their changes
      • Likewise, if the user wishes to edit the due date, the application will save their changes as well.

Updates to the Previous Billing Verified Enhancement Pushed to Production

  • "Billing Verified" has been broken out into two categories.
    • TC Billing Verified: Validation to ensure the fee associated with a TC Service Order can be paid for when the transaction is closed and payment is due. To pass TC Billing Validation, the user/client must:
      • Be assigned to an office with TC credits to cover the TC Service Fees
      • Be set up on monthly billing
      • Have an approved form of payment on file within the Application
      • Not be marked as suspended
  • LC Billing Verified: Validation that the user has the ability to pay for Listing Coordination Services prior to requesting said service. To pass LC Billing Validation, the user/client must:  
    • Be assigned to an office with LC credits to cover the LC Service Fees
    • Be set up on monthly billing
    • Have an approved form of payment on file within the Application
    • Not be marked as suspended

    Additional Code was released into the application with a status flag to control is use within the Application.  At this time all code released into the application that would prevent an order from being placed is set to the "Off" Status.  The visualization of the TC and LC Billing Verification is for knowledge & transparency  purposes at this time.  Clients that do not pass Billing Verification are not prohibited from starting a new transaction or having their Transaction Coordinator start a new Transaction on their behalf.


Two features were released into production. 

  • First,  we have added the "Additional Earnest Money" field as a Merged Field.  It can now be leveraged in the same manner as the other Merged Fields in the application.
  • Secondly, when a TC logs into the application and clicks on the "Clients" Tab they will see a new column to the far right hand side called "Billing Verified"
  • For each Agent/Client, this will display either a Green Yes or a Red No.  What does that mean?

A Green Yes Means:

  • The Agent has entered a payment method within the application and has a card on file to pay for LC or TC services ordered.
  • The Agent has a payment method on file within Stripe that is available to be charged for their LC or TC services ordered
  • The Agent is associated with an Office that has credits that will used to cover charges for TC and LC services.

A Red No Means:

  • The Agent does not have a payment method on file within the Coordinator Application
  • The Agent is not associated with an Office that will cover the LC and TC Fee's
  • The Agent is associated with an Office that is only covering the TC's Fees and does not have a card on file in the application to cover the LC service Fee

Click on the link below to learn more:

What is Billing Verified?


The following updates were pushed into production on the Coordinator Application:

  • Users trying to enter a new Milestone to a Transaction can now manually type in the due date and add the Milestone without issue. 
    • Prior to this fix, users could only use the calendar to select a due date, but after adding some new validation steps, the ability to manually enter the due date is fully supported.


The following updates were pushed into production on the Coordinator Application:

  • Users Billing Link now visible to Agents and DIY users on the Main Dashboard Landing Page: 
    • To support the general onboarding process and accessibility, we have added the users "Billing" Link to the main dashboard view.  It can still be accessed under the users "Profile" and works the exact same way.  We just wanted to make it more visible to the Agents and other users who may choose to procure services from Transactly and incur charges.  
  • Added Milestone Date Validation when creating a new order:
    • We added validation steps to ensure any date entered to a Milestone at the time the Transaction Order is being created is valid. 
    • If the date added is not valid, the user will see red text indicating the date format is not valid
    • The user will not be able to click the "Next" button and more on with the order creation process until the invalid date is correct and valid. 


With a continued focus on ensuring our TC's have a best in class solution that supports their daily workflows; we are proud to announce the following updates have been push to the Coordinator Application this evening.

  1. Larger Transaction Cards: We have increased the size/width of the Transaction Cards by approximately 33% and decreased the text size slightly to allow for better visibility of the key information displayed on the card without it being cutoff.
  2. Viewing Client Notes: Going forward, as a TC you will be able to view the “Client Notes” within the view notes section of the Coordinator App.  This bypasses the need to exit out of the "View Notes" Section and navigate to another screen to see the client notes.  
  3. Billing Information: We have made the “Billing” section under a users profile visible and accessible at all times, regardless if they have chosen to use our LC or TC services. This will give all users a chance to enter their own payment information to be stored in the application should they choose to use our paid services at a later date and enhance our overall ability to collect payment for services rendered. 
  4. Escrow Payment Partnership with Earnnest: We have built a small integration with Earnnest, a leader in the digital escrow payment software industry. While we are not yet turning this service on, the functionality has been established, tested, and is ready for us to launch at a later date. 
  5. Full Addresses on TC Welcome Emails: To support a better overall workflow internally for matching an order with a TC, all TC welcome emails will now have the full address which includes the city, state, and zip code along with the street address.
Administrative Application Support
  • Charges Tab Additions: Per the request of the Accounting Team, we have added the “Date Paid” metadata to the Charges tab next to the Stripe ID and agent paid metadata.


To support the user workflow and to reduce the amount of rework sometimes needed, we are please to have pushed the following change to production.

  1. Default Timestamp Applied to All Milestones When Created:  Going forward when a new Milestone is added to the application, the timestamp applied in the database will default to a set time.  Doing so ensures the date entered by the user stays as the date applied when saved regardless of the timezone conversion. 


With a continued focus on improving the workflows and user experience across the Coordinator Application, we are pleased to inform you off the following changes.

  1. Resized Offer Card:  We have increased the overall size of the "Offer Cards" displayed within the application to ensure all information placed inside the offer card is visible and is no longer cutoff in any situation. 
  2. Realigned the Cancel & Send buttons when sending an Email from within the App:  We have moved the Cancel & Send buttons to the left ever so slightly to ensure the Send button does not overlap the Help Chat Bot Logo.  While a minor change, users will no longer need to adjust their screen size to allow them to click the Send button.
  3. No More Duplicate Milestones:  Going forward the Application will not allow a duplicate Milestone to be added.  Upon clicking the "Add" button to add a new Milestone to a transaction, the application will verify it does not already exist. If it does, a message in red text will appear saying "Key Date has already been added".  Users can still edit the milestone dates applied, but cannot add a second Milestone with the same name. 

Admin Updates:

  1. Added the Stripe Charge ID to the Charges Tab:  This field will now be displayed within the Charges Tab for all successful payments.   This field is also available within the "Export" feature, can be sorted A-Z / Z-A, or searched by entering in the full Stripe Charge ID.
  2. Updated the Export Feature to ensure all notes tied to a line item are displayed in a single cell within the csv or xls export: If the notes contain a paragraph break, they will be separated by a  | in the cell. This helps ensure the export is completed in a manner that makes the entire file useful and compatible with the sorting functions offered by excel.
  3. Search users by their first and last name at the same time!!! When searching for a user, you can now enter the users full first and last name and perform a search that will return valid matches. Rather than searching for John and getting 140 results. Or Smith and getting back 300 results, you can now search for John Smith and drastically reduce the number of matches found.


The theme of our most recent Sprint Cycle was “Continuous Improvements” and the development team was hard at work helping reshape workflows and enhance the overall TC user experience.

  1. To close out the changes stemming back to the addition of the Second Earnest Money Value, we have updated how this information is displayed on the Offer Card. Users will now see “Addtl Earnest Money” and its dollar value as its own line item within the Offer Card.
  2. Going forward when a new Task template is applied to a Transaction, all Transaction Coordinator Tasks will be assigned to the currently assigned “active” TC and not revert back to any previously assigned TC.
  3. When a Transaction is reassigned by an Admin to a new TC, all open tasks will be automatically assigned to said TC.
    1. Private Tasks and Private Notes will remain private and only visible to the creator and not the newly assigned TC.
    2. Task that are already been completed will not be reassigned to the new TC and will still show has being completed under the TC that completed the task.
  4. New automatic Seller Closing Cost Calculations!
    1. When entering the $ amount of Seller paid closing cost, the percentage displayed below will be automatically calculated.
    2. When entering the % of Seller paid closing cost, the dollar amount will be automatically calculated.


The team pushed a fix to resolve an issue connected to the “Additional Earnest Money” feature previously released on 7/11/2023 that occurred when the field was left blank.  A minor code change was pushed to production to account for the null value being passed to the database.
While there is not workflow change for an TC/User, below are a few quick notes about the "Additional Earnest Money" field.
  1. The “Additional Earnest Money” field is still NOT a required field.
  2. If no dollar amount is added, the system will automatically place a $0 value in its place upon saving.
  3. The “Next” button will only activate once all required fields have been filled.
Please Note: Users will no longer need to add a “0” in this field as directed earlier this week as a short-term work around.


In this sprint we aimed to incorporate feature requests from the Transaction Coordinators while making a few minor adjustments to the "Membership" features within the app. 

These changes include:

  1. Agents and TC’s now have a Broader Range of Vendors to choose from!
    1. We have added a few new Vendor types within the application for our users to choose from when adding to their Preferred vendors, or adding a Vendor to their transaction!
    2. The new Vendors include:
      1. Sign Company
      2. Surveyor
      3. Paralegal
      4. Loan Processor
      5. Other
  2. Agent’s and TC’s will now have the ability to add a “Second Earnest Money Deposit”.
    1. This allows our users to separately track multiple Earnest Money Deposits, instead of needing to add them together and store them in one field with no easy way to track the difference between the first and second.
  3. Removal and updating of Pro and Basic Membership verbiage within the Application.
    1. The “Memberships” Tab within an Agent’s Profile is now removed.
    2. Pro and Basic Onboarding Links are no longer recognized, and instead these users will be routed to our current Agent Onboarding flow.
    3. The “Interested in Pro Membership?” link within our Welcome Modal, has now been updated to say “Interested in a Subscription?” and will notify our sales team to reach out to any agent’s that click this link to assist them in upgrading to one of our Agent Subscriptions!
  4. “List Price” is no longer required for our TC’s to fill out on Orders that are already Under Contract.


In this sprint we continued our focus on bringing value to our Transaction Coordinators, as well as implemented a change to an existing Accounting Integration

These changes include:

  1. A new “Quick Add” Note button that will show up on tasks. 
    1. This new button will allow our TC’s and Agents to quickly add notes to tasks, reducing the amount of clicks it takes from 6 all the way down to only 2 clicks!
    2. This button will appear in the TC Dashboard, the Agent Dashboard, the agent “Task” section, and the Transaction Detail!
    3. We have also added the “Auto-Focus” feature anytime someone is adding or editing notes. This feature automatically clicks into the note box so that they can begin typing without needing to click into the box first!
    4. The “View Notes” option still exists in the ellipsis (three little dots at the end of the task row) so that they can still view, edit and delete existing notes!
  1. A Task Deletion Confirmation Modal
    1. The ability to delete a task is very close to the “View Notes” option and we have had complaints of Users getting frustrated when accidentally mis-clicking the “Delete Task” button and having no idea what they lost and no way to get it back!
    2. Now, our users will be asked to confirm their deletion, to stop any unwanted deleting of tasks from happening.
    3. Bulk Deleting already had a confirmation modal when deleting tasks, so nothing was updated for that feature.
  2. The Third Feature Update is a change to our “Paid with QB Journal Entries” option that our Accounting Team utilizes.
    1. This was originally created to be utilized with “Pay at Title” orders, but as we have now mostly moved away from that payment time, this feature has become less useful.
    2. We have switched our QuickBooks Account Destination on this feature to make it more useful in their everyday work!


In this sprint we focused on bringing value to our Transaction Coordinators and TC Ops Team
These changes include:
  • Ability to search for email templates as well as have the list of email templates sorted alphabetically.
    • This search feature will dynamically narrow down the Template list based on the input, making it much easier for TC’s to quickly find the template(s) they are searching for.
  • Admin ability to search for Assigned Transactly TC as well as have the list of TC’s Show up Alphabetically.
    • This search feature works the same way as the one described above. Currently TC’s are sorted within this list by their initial user creation date, so the change to alphabetical will make the list much more useful for our Admins.
  • Ability to Add any vendor’s “Company Name” to an Email Template or an Email.
    Within Email Templates and Emails we previously only provided Name and Email merge fields for Vendors.
    • The addition of “Company Name” will make introductions and informative emails, much easier and more intuitive to create and send.



This release was focused on bringing Transparency to our TC’s (and Admins) on if/when a Buyer’s information was passed over to Connect on Buy Side Orders.
These small changes include:
  • Connect Team Card Improvements
    • The Connect Team Card will now include a Status to let TC's and Admins know whether or not a Buyer’s Information has been “Sent” or “Not Sent”.
      • If the Connect Team Card’s status is “Sent” the Card will also now display the Buyer’s name that was sent to Connect!!
      • The Connect Team Card had a few design changes added to it and will display at the top of the Team Section for the TC’s.
      • The Connect Team Card will now only show for our Transactly TC’s and Transactly Admins.
        • This change was made to avoid confusion with Agents.
    • Bug Fix (There was an issue that was causing the “Connect” Team Card to not show up in the Team Area at all expected times)
      • This issue should now be resolved as the Connect Team Card will always show on Buy-Side Orders.



Production Bug Fixes:

  • Stripe auto-pay token needed to be updated, it was causing payment to fail when a client on auto-pay triggered payment. This was affecting both TC client and Transactly TCs. Clients on auto-pay were getting sent invoices for TC orders instead of being auto-charged for them, and TCs were getting logged out of the app when trying to submit an LC order for an auto-pay client. 
  • Office admins should be able to access their office rosters now.
  • Existing users can now be added to DIY transactions without failure. 


Production Bug Hot Fix:

  • DIY TCs were not able to login to their account. 


Significant security enhancements were released affecting the accessibility of the app.

Other Updates Released:

  • Bug Fix - Closing Dates will now appear in the Milestones Slide-out even if it is the only uncompleted Milestone left on the transaction.
  • Bug Fix - The attached listing document will now appear as expected for a TC when creating a Listing Coordination transaction from an order placed in the app.


Production Bug Hot Fix: 

  • Mailgun token needed to be updated, emails sent from the transaction email address were not being sent to recipients. 


Significant security enhancements were released affecting the accessibility of the app.

Other Updates Released

  • Bug fix - The transaction note email notification is now sending when the TC selects to notify the agent of the note.
  • Bug fix - New order email notification is now sending when a TC receives a new LC order.


Transaction Milestones Slideout

  • This slideout shows and aggregated list of all Milestones (Key Dates/Important Dates) for their transactions
  • This list can filtered by transaction, to only show the Milestones entered for a specific transaction
  • Milestones can be completed directly from the slideout
  • A user can navigate to the Transaction Detail of a specific transaction right from a Milestone in the slideout.

Significant security enhancements were released affecting the accessibility of the app. 

Other Updates Released:

  • Bug Fix - The 'notify agent of task note' email has been fixed so it will now send whenever triggered.
  • Bug Fix - When a user was onboarding through a legacy onboarding workflow (invited to a transaction from within the Transaction Detail) their name in their Hubspot contact card was not populating correctly, and it is now.


Simplified Order Workflow
  • This workflow reduces an order to the bare minimum info needed for a TC to get started on their transaction.
  • Any order notes left for the TC will now be converted into a Transaction Note, giving the TC quick and easy access to it.

Other Updates Released:

  • Skeleton of the Aggregated Milestones Slideout
    • This feature is currently hidden as it will not be complete until our next release.
  • Hubspot Update - Agents who complete a legacy onboarding workflow will receive the same lead status (Sign Up Complete) as users who complete a standard onboarding workflow.
  • Bug Fix - Issue causing the time stamp to show incorrectly on some notes.


Skeleton of simplified order workflow was released. 


Onboarding Flow Updates
  • The TC Match and Delegate pages were removed from all onboarding workflows, drastically shortening the workflow.
  • The subscription payment page will not show for a user if they do not owe anything prior to creating their account, shortening the workflow for Basic and Brokerage agents.
  • The Welcome modals shown when a user first creates their account were updated.
  • The new-client-sales Slack channel will show every user who completes onboarding, not just every user designated as TC Client who completed onboarding.
  • Hubspot updates made -
    • The 'Type' of a user will be 'Agent' when they finish onboarding
    • The 'Lead Status' of a user will be 'Sign Up Complete' when a user finishes onboarding
Other Updates Released
  • Buyers info that is updated in a transaction after initially creating it, will be updated in salesforce. Allowing more leads to go to connect in a much more efficient process.
  • LC line items can no longer be canceled. This will drastically reduce confusion for an agent trying to pay for an LC order, as well friction for the accounting department when it comes to collecting payment and tracking LC orders.
  • TC New Client email will not send if the Assigned TC is changed from within a users profile. This ensures a smooth handoff from TC to TC when reassignments happen. The new client email instructs the TC to treat the agent as if they are new to Transactly, which is not the case if the agent is being reassigned.
  • Autopay option is removed from the billing tab within the profile, and now once card information is given the user will automatically be put on autopay. This is part of an initiative to try and get as many users as possible on auto pay.
  • Any number including 0 will be able to entered in the service discount field when creating an office.
  • Ability for Admin to see a Membership tab within a user profile, and their auto renew status. This tab will show for all users with a Basic membership as well.
  • Bug fix - on the add new agent modal when adding to an office, it was allowing you to include a space in the email address which was causing problems with the users record once it was created.

7/15/22 - Hot Fix

  • All users created through an Office Roster will be given a default Time Zone of Central/Chicago to ensure all functionality within their account is operational.


  • The Verification Code email that is sent during onboarding, allowing a user to verify their email and create their account, will now be sent from the application instead of Hubspot.
  • The Verification Link email that allows a user to verify their email if they chose to text verify during onboarding, will now be sent from the application instead of Hubspot.
  • The New Client Notification email that is sent to TCs after they have been assigned a new client, will now be sent by the application instead of Hubspot. This email will also now be triggered when a TC is assigned to a client through a TCs self-procured link.
  • DIY buy-side transactions buyer information will now be passed to Connect.
  • Bug Fixed: An Admin will be able to unselect the Pay at Title checkbox if a user decides to switch to Auto-Pay.

7/1/22 Release

  • Allows the application to Auto-Renew Pro Members by charging the Card on File on the End Date of an existing Pro Membership.
  • Pro Membership discounts will now automatically be removed from a User’s account 3 days after their Pro Membership End Date if they do not renew.
    • We created this 3 day “Grace Period” to account for the time needed for our internal team to reach out about Card Failures.
  • When a Card does fail when attempting to charge a user for a Pro Membership, the Accounting Pipeline in Hubspot will receive a new ticket explaining the situation and supplying contact information about the affected user.

6/22/22 Release

Updated Office Roster accessible by Admin Portal and Office Admin Portal

Features included in the Office Roster:

  • The ability to invite new agents to Transactly from the Office Roster in which they only have to go through 2 onboarding steps to create their account. (standard onboarding flow contains 6 steps)
  • Quickly filter all agents in an office based on if they created their account with us, or placed an order.
  • Ability to re-send an invite email to any agents to prompt them again to create their account.
  • Store the MLS Name and ID for an office in the Office Details.
  • Access to an updated referral link that reduces onboarding by 1 step.
  • Backend insurance that once an agent is added to an office, they can onboard any way (all onboarding flows connected to their specific office, or the standard agent onboarding accessible through our marketing page) and end up in the correct office with the correct pricing.
  • Updated Ui

4/11/22 Release 2.4.9

Fixed: issue when adding a contact to a transaction
Added: Filters will be saved on charges report in the Admin portal
Added: A privacy policy is now visible on the password creation page of onboarding

3/22/22 Release 2.4.8

-Added: the ability to create a QB journal entry when manually marking a line item as Paid 

3/16/22 Release 2.4.7

-Fixed: issue found causing key dates to show incorrectly if a TC made an error when using the 'Edit Important Dates' modal

-Fixed: issue causing incorrect/confusing spacing within the Notifications tab

-Fixed: issue causing the confirmation/oops modal to not show after payment was issued to a TC by accounting

-Fixed: issue found when causing a TC to lose access to the Team tab

-Fixed: issue causing TC to lose access to the Team tab when setting a preferred language on a contact card 

-Updated forms to Transactions:

  • Upload documents
  • Key Date Editor
  • Add contact to a team 
-Updated form for adding a new pricing model in Admin
-Deprecated form for Promo code editor in Admin

2/25/22 Release 2.4.6

-Updated the form for passwords validation on the old onboarding flow

-Removed duplicated code for decoding base64 jwt

-Fixed: TC ability to close a transaction with agent pay at $0 without error

-Fixed: credits not deducted from a users ledger balance when using them for an order payment

-Fixed: White screen when updating the status of a transaction

2/24/22 Release 2.4.5

-Added: Mark All Notifications as Read capabilities in the Notification Bell and in the Notification tab within the user profile.
-Added: In-app email notification for when an email is received.

-Changed process for granting/removing Transactly TC status
-Changed: TC Client Notes field, and the corresponding Agent Notes field was expanded to 6,500 characters

-Fixed: merge fields error when the Transaction Detail was opened a specific way
-Fixed: Admin not being able to update a Transaction Status

1/20/22 Release 2.4.4

Updates to the Transactly <> Connect Integration:
-Removed the 20 Days from Close Trigger
-Buyer information will be passed to connect daily 

-Removed the necessity for a Phone Number to be present on a Buyer
-Added the passing of the “Agent_ID” field.
-Added the passing of the “Brokerage” field.

1/12/22 Release 2.4.3

-Added: Transaction vendor merge fields
-Improved speed of TC Dashboard
-Added: Alphabetization of documents

-Added: Automated Monthly Accrual Journal Entries to our QuickBooks Integration

-Fixed: task due dates changing when the listing effective date was changed

12/17/21 Release 2.4.2

-Fixed: Issues found causing tasks to show incorrectly on the Dashboard or in the Transaction Detail were corrected.

-Fixed:  An issue found causing the Agent Name filter to not pull accurate results on the TC Dashboard 

-Added: Vendors will be able to be added as recipients to emails using the recipient drop-down, and all email templates where a vendor is specified in the recipient field will auto-populate that vendor's email as a recipient when used.
-Added: The buyer/seller agent brokerage merge field will now pull the company associated with buyer/seller agents added to a transaction as a contact.
-Added: passing User roles from the application to UserPilot

12/9/21 Release 2.4.1

-Fixed: bulk edit

-Fixed: email merge fields

-Fixed: client note character count

12/3/21 Release 2.4.0

-Changes to the admin area for creating offices and suboffices

-Added ability to choose an MLS name and ID within offices

-Added fields to be passed to Hubspot from the onboarding flow when no TC is chosen and when autopay is updated

-Changed the word Subscription to Membership

-Removed the next billing date from the basic membership onboarding flow

-Added Start Order ability to the Client list

-Changed name fields within Client tab and create transaction from the detail view

10/24/21 Release

-Added the following fields to be passed to Connect when a buyer leads information is sent over. Agents name, full property address, expected closing date. 

10/6/21 Release 2.3.2

New Features:

-Ability to mark a task as High Priority from the Dashboard 

-Ability to filter the Dashboard by High Priority  tasks 

-Access to an Advanced Filter on the TC Dashboard 

-The following filters are accessible on the TC Dashboard: Agent Name, Address, Task Name, Date Range, Status, Task Category, State

-When navigating off the TC Dashboard, all filter settings set on the TC Dashboard are held for the user until they return to the TC Dashboard

9/28/21 Release 2.3.1

-A few changes to the verbiage that is seen by agents during digital onboarding, to closer align with the Onboarding Flow.

-Re-inserting agents into onboarding correctly when they fall off at any point after creating a password. (This comes into effect when the agent attempts to log in)

9/13/21 Release 2.3.1

New Features:

-Ability to edit a Vendor on a transaction.

-Ability to add Vendors as recipients from the email recipient drop-down menu.

-Ability to see the title of a Vendor/Contact displayed next to the team member in recipient drop-down menu.

9/08/21 Release 2.3.0

New Features

- Updated the Create a New Main Office form in the Admin portal to include subscription type, renewal date, rev share percentage, and service share discount percent.

- Creating a new main office in the Admin portal will now also create a new company in Hubspot.

- Updating an office's details including subscription type will update the company in Hubspot.

- Added Subscription Type column on Offices Tab.

- Improved Office details tab to only include subscription details, removing LC & TC fees as well as the agreement type. 

Bug Fixes

-Cancelled, Withdrawn, and Closed transaction's tasks are filtered off of a TC's Dashboard.

8/31/21 Release 2.1.2

-Fixed: The loading time of the TC Dashboard was significantly improved by implementing an elastic search on the page.

-Updated the UI of the TC Dashboard.

-Centralized User’s notification settings in the “Notifications Tab” within a User’s Profile.

-Re-utilized the Subscriptions tab in the User’s Profile Area to display Membership tier benefits.

8/23/21 Release 2.1.1

-Fixed: Emails sent solely to the individual Transaction email address are forwarded to a TCs Transactly email address.

-Added new communication piece: Connections Introduction Email will be automatically sent to new Buyers added to an eligible transaction.

7/30/21 Release 2.1.0

-Implemented Connections Automation including:
  • Utility Concierge API Lead Calls
  • Cake API Lead Calls
  • Utility Concierge Introduction Email for Buyer
  • Young Alfred Introduction Email for Buyer
-Added ability for Agents to "Opt-Out" of Home Insurance and/or Utility Transfer Connections
-Added Daily Lead caps to allow us to ease into the use of Transactly Vendors.
-Added ability for a buyer to have a preferred language tied to their user in the app
-Created a direct URL link to the Preferred Vendors area in an agent's profile area.

7/2/21- Release 2.0.1

-Improvements to the Admin Charges report

-Re-instated non-transactly TC task dashboard

-Fixed: white screen on the TC client list for Transactly TCs

-Fixed: Admin user search feature

7/1/21- Release 2.0

-Client user dashboard redesign

-Added Google address verification

-Added aggregated task list view

-Added ability to start a TC order from the dashboard

-Added ability to get matched with a TC from the dashboard 

-Added agent subscription plans for Basic and Pro

-Improvements to the User search function for admin

-Fixed: Email links

-Fixed: Images within email templates 

6/22/21- Release 1.9.2

-Fixed: Make an offer email template

6/11/21- Release 1.9.1

- Added email sender to emails going out of the app

-Fixed: White transaction screen

-Fixed: Credit buckets logging out

6/10/21- Release 1.9.0

-Added Transactly Codes

-Added ability to create notes from TC dashboard

-Added ability to only sync important dates to Google Calendar

-Improvements to the Admin for accounting 

-Improvements to PHP App migrations and UI 

-Fixed: Quickbooks journal entries 

-Fixed: Credentials to work in modern browsers

-Fixed: notes within offer management

6/8/21- Release 1.8.1

-Improvements to email capabilities 

6/5/21- Release 1.8.0

-Changed domain 

-Added TC Match 

-Added date the TC was assigned, shows on the Clients tab

-Redesign to Admin User tab 

-Improvements to the HubSpot integration

5/17/21- Release 1.7.1

-Added additional tracking analytics for marketing funnel

5/10/21- Release 1.7.0

-Added text verification to the sign-up process

4/30/21- Release 1.6.3

-Fixed: Notification bell added back to the top of the application.

4/22/21- Release 1.6.2

-Fixed: Template option to show in menu

4/20/21- Release 1.6.1

-Fixed: Invalid credit cards are no longer able to bypass the onboarding fee.
-Fixed: Full Profile menu now available.
-Fixed: Transactions reload on page scroll.
-Fixed: Client list available for TCs.
-Fixed: Miscellaneous technical debt and data cleanup.
-Improvements to the HubSpot integration

4/12/21- Release 1.6.0

-Added ability to create an account and/ or log in using Facebook single sign-on

4/2/21- Release 1.5.1

- Fixed TC Client Transaction search issue.

- Fixed Auto pay saved without a credit card issue.

- Fixed Agent credentials saved appearing more than once issue

- Removed the ability for TC's to add Credentials to a TC Clients list from the Transaction detail.

- Fixed Admins being able to add agents with a duplicate issue.

- Fixed Admin not being able to change an Office's name issue.

3/23/21- Release 1.5.0

- Quickbooks Online (QBO) integrated for Accounting purposes

- Client and Brokerage payment tracking

-Transactly TC's can now see if the Client is Paying at Title

3/12/21- Release 1.4.9

- Improvements made to the new user signup

3/1/21- Release

- Updated Heap script to only include prod environment

- Addressed issue with manually adjusting brokerage credits (auto deductions of credits were not affected)

3/1/21- Release

- Ellipsis menu now shown on transaction members (resolved)

- White screen issue for transaction detail (resolved)

- Admin can now change Assigned TC on transaction member cards (resolved)

2/26/21- Release 1.4.8

- NEW FEATURE: Credentials 

- Credentials List allows users to store and edit third-party system logins

- View Credentials from my Profile (Agent user)

- View Credentials from Client list and/or within a transaction (Transactly TC user)

2/23/21- Release 1.4.7

- NEW FEATURE: Preferred Vendors 

- Preferred Vendors List allows users to store and edit vendors 

- Add vendors from my Preferred Vendor's List directly to a transaction

- New "Add to a Team" workflow within a transaction

2/11/21- Release

- Bug fix: Slack notification issue (resolved)

2/10/21- Release 1.4.6

- NEW FEATURE: TC Client List (My Clients)

- View client details, contact information, notes, and more

- Create Transactions with auto-filled client information

1/27/21- Release 1.4.5

- NEW FEATURE: Global Task Templates

- Global Task templates are based on State location 

- Users have the ability to be marked as Pay at Title

- TC's can now be paid before Agent Pays

- "Complete" Line Item Status is created to indicate completion of the order process

1/21/21- Release 1.4.4

- NEW FEATURE: TransactionDesk Integration available

- Users can now integration TransactionDesk with Transactly

12/23/20- Release 1.4.3

- Bug fix: Promo Codes will now apply TC Clients to billing models

- Bug fix: Promo Codes will no longer affect a TC Clients User Pricing

- Bug fix: TC Clients are able to sign up in a brokerage with only One Pricing Model

- Office dropdown filter has been removed from all Agent's Transaction page

- The Transaction Address now populates in an invoice rather than the Order Address

- NEW FEATURE: Administrative Ledger 

12/04/20- Release 1.4.2

- NEW FEATURE: Pricing Models

- Office Pricing is now reflected in Office Pricing Models

- Ability to create, edit and disable Pricing Models (Admin)

- Ability to apply a Pricing Model to an office user (Admin)

- NEW FEATURE: Credit Buckets

- Credit Buckets allow us to track what the Office is paying within a transaction.

- Credit Usage is now being tracked within the application.

- Ability to create and adjust Credit Buckets (Admin)

- When a TC Client signs up for autopay, it is now being tracked on the User Card in the admin area.

- Change assigned TC on an order (Admin)

- Ability to add TC services when Accepting an Offer

11/13/20- Release 1.4.1

- Removed Name match from TCSA

- All Key Dates Time set to noon

- Onboarding Mobile Styling fixes

11/6/20- Release 1.4.0

- Billing Setup Deploy

- NEW FEATURE: Pricing Models

- Office Pricing is still reflected in old Office Pricing

- Ability to create, edit and disable Pricing Models (Admin)

- NEW FEATURE: Credit Buckets

- Credit Buckets allow us to track what the office is paying within a transaction.

10/30/20- Release 1.3.5

- NEW FEATURE: TC Dashboard

      - You can edit the name of a task from the Dashboard
      - You can bulk edit tasks from the Dashboard
      - You can view task notes from the Dashboard
      - You can delete a task from the Dashboard

- NEW FEATURE: Task Statuses:

      - You can select whether a task is Not Started, In Progress, or Awaiting Response.

10/02/20- Release 1.3.4

- New UI design for the Transaction Card View

- New UI design for the Transaction List view

- NEW FEATURE: Advanced Search for Transaction View.

- Removed the matching of TC Client name when signing the TCSA.

- flow was optimized for Mobile users.

08/07/20- Release 1.2.0

- NEW FEATURE:  Ability for clients and tech users to sign up for their own account from the login page. 

- Agents interested in TC services can now sign their agreement and pay the onboarding fee, if applicable,  through the application. 

- Ability for tech-only users to upgrade to use a Transactly TC from within the application. 

- NEW FEATURE:  Customized sign-up process for each brokerage account. 

- Bug fix:  Corrected billing error for canceled coordinator orders for users on autopay. 

- Implemented internal activity logging. 

-  NEW FEATURE: Ability for Transactly TCs to bring on their own clients through a customized link. 

7/01/20- Release 1.0.30

-NEW FEATURE: User now has the ability to hide a transaction from their list.

-NEW FEATURE: Ability to make general transaction notes on all of your transactions. Choose whether to make them private or share them with all parties. 

- NEW FEATURE: Users now have the ability to hide a transaction from their transaction list and dashboard.

- Agents and coordinators will now receive an email 7 days prior to a listing expiration. 

-Transactly TC's can now search transactions by the name of their TC Client.

-"Coming Soon" status was added to transactions where the Listing Effective Date is in the future.

- Ability to search role dropdown list for a specific role

6/22/20- Release 1.0.29

- NEW FEATURE:  Ability to use merge fields in email templates. 

- New editor added to the email editor with features such as tables. 

- NEW roles added:  Co Agent, Paralegal, Loan Processor, TC Assistant

- Added closing date to the transaction list card. 

- Ability to open all transaction documents in the browser instead of downloading them. 

- Bug fix:  Hide key dates for all members not a part of the accepted contract. 

5/26/20- Release 1.0.28

- NEW FEATURE: Transaction inbox where all emails sent out of Transactly, and any replies to those emails,  will be copied to centralize. 

- Updated remainder of system emails from plain text to HTML, branded designs. 

5/11/20- Release 1.0.27

- NEW FEATURE:  Transaction summary email template now available for all users within a transaction once under contract. 

- NEW FEATURE:  Integration with Google Drive allowing users to upload documents straight from their personal Drive folders. 

- Initial upgrade of system emails from plain text to HTML, branded designs. 

- Add the transaction address to the Stripe receipt for all TC services

- Administrative upgrades

4/28/20- Release 1.0.26

- NEW FEATURE: Member's information is pre-filled in the team page and team area of forms if their email matches a current user.

- NEW FEATURE: A Transaction member is now able to sync their tasks and key dates to their Google Calendar.

- Transactly TC's now receive an email receipt when they are sent a payout.

- Ability to search for Task and Email templates by name.

- Ability to complete key dates from the transaction List View.

3/27/20- Release 1.0.24

- Updated API to 4.0 

- Updated React and Material Design versions. 

- Updates to the administrative portion of the application. 

- Allow TCS to change their bank information and view their payouts via the Stripe dashboard. 

3/17/20- Release 1.0.23

- NEW FEATURE:  Coordination clients can now sign up for auto-payment.  Cards will be immediately charged when fees are due. 

- Display type of services ordered and status of the fee (due, not yet due, or paid) on the order summary for both the client and the Transactly TC. 

- Ability to edit contacts that you've added to the transaction

- Added "company" field for all contact types

- Ability to edit key dates from the left panel without amending the contract.

- Extend character limit on custom emails. 

- Improve performance on the transactions list by loading all outstanding orders. 

- Ability to facilitate Canadian addresses

- Add indicator to task templates letting users know there are notes on a specific task.

2/28/20- Release 1.0.22

Watch a video of these features here

- NEW FEATURE:  Ability to mark key dates as complete. 

- NEW FEATURE:  Alternative view for the transactions list showing all key dates
- NEW FEATURE:  Custom email signatures 

- NEW FEATURE:  Private notes on tasks 

- NEW FEATURE:  Ability to delete all tasks when canceling or withdrawing a transaction

- Bug fix:  Link fix in coordination emails for fees due 

- Bug fix:  Removed 'documents' section from create email template

- Bug fix:  Removed error when trying to copy a task template

2/7/20- Release 1.0.21

- Ability to attach documents to custom emails sent from the platform

- NEW FEATURE:  Make and receive payments to Transactly TCs from the platform

- Accessible email log for each user sending custom emails. 

- Bug Fix:  Allow users to delete task templates

- Bug fix:  Make documents optional in amend contract

- Additional administrative features for managing coordination orders. 

1/31/20- Release 1.0.20

- NEW FEATURE:  Sending emails from within the transaction detail. 

- NEW FEATURE:  Creating custom email templates to be used with your emails. 

- Bug Fix:  Removed extra / in the URL for TC Fees Due email. 

- Bug Fix:  Display the 'Pay' icon for transactions on the dashboard. 

- Added required field indicators of the offer, behalf of, and final terms forms. 

- Added transaction address to the order report. 

- Bug fix:  Documents uploaded during Accept Offer workflow will now be attached to the accepted contract. 

1/17/20- Release v1.0.19

- Added closing date to the left side key dates panel

- Sorted key dates panel in ascending order

- Added the ability to type in a custom document category when uploading a document. 

- NEW FEATURE:  Friday reminders for overdue coordination fees. 

- NEW FEATURE: Display key contract terms in the transaction detail. 

- Ability to change saved credit card information 

-  Added and refined order reporting capabilities

- Added edit category abilities to create/edit task template 

- BUG FIX:  Fixed pagination on transactions list that kept a full list of transactions from being accessible for some users. 

- BUG FIX:  Adjusted coordination fee emails to send to all TC clients. 

- BUG FIX:  Changed all zip code fields to support codes starting with '0'. 

12/17/19- Release v.1.0.18

- NEW FEATURE:  Ability for TC clients to pay for their services fees from within the application via credit card using Stripe. 

- NEW FEATURE: Ability for Transactly Coordinators to create an order and notify clients of due payment.

- NEW FEATURE:  New coordination task template available to copy in the custom task templates area. 

- BUG FIX:  Fixed the misassignment of task templates on some transaction types. 

- Added the team section, allowing for contacts or invited members, in the buy-side transaction and listing only workflows. 

- Removed beds, baths, and square footage identifiers from all the transaction workflows. 

- Moved Accept Offer from modal to its own page. 


10/24/19- Release v.1.0.14

NEW FEATURE:  Ability for TC Clients to order transaction and listing coordination inside the platform. 

- NEW FEATURE:  Ability for Transactly coordinators to receive and create transactions from orders in the platform. 

- Redesign of creating a listing transaction to be expandable sections. 

- Add a buyer documents section to create purchase transactions,  only available to the buyer party. 


9/18/19- Release v.1.0.12

Watch a video of these features here

NEW FEATURE: Ability to enter essential contract key dates and tie them to tasks. In addition to listing effective date, acceptance date, and closing date, we've now added: 

  • Earnest money deadline
  • Financing deadline
  • Inspection deadline
  • Inspection Resolution deadline
  • Insurability Deadline
  • Appraisal Deadline

- NEW FEATURE: Ability to add custom key dates to appear on the contract summary and in emails with all key dates. 

- NEW FEATURE: Ability to enter your own acceptance date, including a date in the past, instead of using the date the contract was created on the platform. 

- Updated the Transactly Default task template to reflect new key dates. 

- Removed contingencies section from all offer workflows. 

- Added key dates to summary view on the offer list view and the contract card. 

- Added key dates to final terms, accepted contract, and amend contract email templates. 

- Bug fix:  Fixed applying a task template to the correct roles on the transaction for listing and listing under contract. 

- Bug fix: Corrected permissions for agents and buyer/sellers added during the listing under contract workflow. 


8/30/19- Release v.1.0.11

Watch a video of these features here

- NEW FEATURE:  Ability to add contacts to a transaction that are not automatically invited to collaborate. 

- NEW FEATURE:  Additional transaction form added for a listing already under contract. 

- Revised dashboard tasks to only include those tasks that are assigned to you. 

- Enhanced some of the existing error modals. 

- Redesign of the team page and transaction navigation. 

- Added the ability to see yourself on the team page. 

- Made improvements to site navigation on mobile devices. 


8/16/19- Release v.1.0.10

  • NEW FEATURE:  Brokerage solution for entire brokerages/offices to provide Transactly while keeping transparency. 
  • Addition of a checkbox to the document upload to allow the user to choose if the document should be shared with the opposite party. 
  • Added confirmation to document share selection from the transaction detail. 
  • Removed field for offer expiration from the final terms workflow. 
  • Listing transactions now have the showing scheduler turned off by default. 
  • Improvements to application performance/speed.


8/2/19- Release v.1.0.9

Watch a video of these features here

  • NEW FEATURE: Ability to copy tasks from an existing task template to a new task template. 
  • NEW FEATURE: Ability to unsubscribe from email and text for different groups of notifications.
  • NEW FEATURE: Ability to leave a transaction when you no longer need access. 
  • NEW FEATURE: Ability to delete a task template. 
  • NEW FEATURE: Ability to add a note to a task template and have it applied every time you use that template. 
  • Ability to rename an entire document category
  • Improve the task reminder emails that go out on Mondays to include multiple transactions, task category, and only tasks that are assigned to you. 
  • Newly designed login screen. 
  • Increased validation on the team page to keep team members from adding themselves multiple times, adding someone from the other party, etc. 
  • Improvements to functionality in Microsoft Edge browsers. 


7/19/19- Release v.1.0.8

Watch a video of these features here

  • NEW FEATURE:  Ability to categorize listing and transaction documents. 
  • NEW FEATURE: Ability to notify individuals in your party about a task note made on a task.  Indicator added to the task list to show if a task has notes. 
  • NEW FEATURE: Ability to delete a task template from your account after it has been created. 
  • NEW FEATURE:  Added "Back" buttons to each section of the offer form, offer on behalf of, final terms, and buy-side transaction form to navigate through each section without going to the summary page first. 
  • Updated how documents are shared.  "Share" is now an available option once you are under contract to share any documents uploaded outside of offers and contracts with the opposite party, ie Seller's Disclosure. 
  • Removed email/text notifications for when a document is uploaded to the transaction.  Will only send 
  • Replaced the Transactly placeholder photo
  • Updated the application waiting spinner 

7/8/19- Release v.1.0.7

  • NEW FEATURE:  Custom task templates.  Agents and TCs can create their own task templates to be applied to listing and buy-side transactions.
  • NEW FEATURE:  Task notes.  All parties can collaborate on tasks by making task notes. 
  • BUG FIX:  Update contract price on the offer list when a contract is amended. 
  • BUG FIX:  Send a welcome text when an account is activated, only send once. 


6/21/19- Release v.1.0.6

  • NEW FEATURE:  Task templates.  Basic task lists applied to listing transactions and when an offer is accepted on the platform to help manage contract to close. 
  • NEW FEATURE:  Assigning tasks to other people in your party. 
  • NEW FEATURE: Color flagging tasks using six different colors. 
  • NEW FEATURE:  Task categories.  The ability to categorize tasks on a transaction.  Includes the ability to edit the category names at any time, delete entire categories, and add as many as you'd like. 
  • NEW FEATURE:  Private Tasks.  Create a task that is only visible to you. 
  • NEW FEATURE:  Task progress checker to keep you on top of the number of tasks left to complete. 
  • Bug fix:  Spinner fix on creating a buy-side transaction. 


6/6/19- Release v1.0.5

  • NEW FEATURE: Amend contract. Ability to change the terms of an already accepted contract for agents and transaction coordinators.
  • Bug fix: Adjust waiting spinners on entering final terms, make an offer, and offer on behalf of another agent to make sure they display when needed.
  • Bug fix: Open all forms at the top in all browsers.
  • Remove offer expiration and notes from the contract cards on the offer timeline.

5/31/19- Release v1.0.4

  • NEW FEATURE: Ability to change the title of an uploaded document at any time.
  • NEW FEATURE: Changing the ownership of the transaction to another agent on your team.
  • Permissions updates
  • NEW transaction roles without logins: Attorney, Title Agent, Lender.
  • NEW role with login: Transaction Coordinator. Can input and manage transactions on behalf of the agent.
  • Bug fix: Remove default offer expiration from the offer form.
  • Bug fix: No tasks to display view.
  • Bug fix: Validation for phone numbers

5/18/19- Release v1.0.3

  • NEW FEATURE: Offers on behalf of another. Allows an agent to input an offer for an agent unable to use the platform.
  • Bug fix: Fix waiting spinner on accept offer so that the button cannot be clicked a second time.
  • NEW FEATURE: Ability to transfer ownership of a transaction to any other agent on your team.
  • Bug fix: Fix card appearance for team and offer cards.
  • Added optional field "Company" for unlicensed user types.
  • Bug fix: Make first-time signup more mobile-friendly

5/10/19 Release v1.0.2

  • NEW FEATURE: Buy-side transactions
  • Bug fix: Fix for an email to buyer's agent when final terms are entered.
  • Replaced waiting spinner
  • Replaced Transaction documents and tasks with Listing documents and tasks.
  • Bug fix: Corrected emails sent when new users were added.

4/29/19- Release v1.0.1

  • Bug fix: Take the user to the login screen if session expires.
  • Bug fix: Fix redirect between email and making an offer for new users.
  • Bug fix: Send Best and Final revised email when a revised best and final is submitted.
  • Bug fix: Send accepted contract email to all parties when an offer is accepted.
  • Bug fix: Fix the size of offer cards on the offer list.
  • Create shorter cards for the team area of the transaction
  • Extend the number of characters allowed on a lead note.
  • New Feature: Allow partner agents and lenders to input their own zip codes serviced for lead match.

4/12/19- Release v1.0.0


Most of the changes are a redesign of the existing functionality, but new changes include:

  • Addition of a dashboard for all users.
  • Giving the seller access to change showing settings.
  • More organized view of your transactions and offers.
  • Search and sort leads as a partner agent.

11/2/18- Release v3.0

NEW FEATURE: Showing Scheduler

  • Option on Create Transaction to activate a showing scheduler for each transaction, including settings for Go and Show and Appointment Only, access type, and choosing which seller party members receive showing notifications.
  • The ability for buyer's agents to visit the offer URL to schedule a showing or make an offer.
  • Accept or Decline for the listing agent and seller on requested showings.
  • Timeline of all requested showings on a listing.
  • Send feedback surveys 30 minutes to the buyer's agent after the scheduled end time of a showing, and send any feedback provided to the listing agent and seller.
  • Verification of agents using license information entered to assure showing information is not shared with unlicensed users.
  • Bug fix: Remove requirements for documents on entering final terms on an offer partially negotiated on the platform.
  • Bug fix: Made adjustments for the role of dual agent.

9/28/18- Release v02.7

  • Bug fix: Updated links in the new member email
  • Bug fix: Improved user experience when refreshing in the signup process.

9/14/18- Release v02.6

  • NEW FEATURE: Social logins with Facebook and Google
  • NEW FEATURE: Remove a collaborator
  • Awaiting Signature status for a counteroffer with eSign documents. It will not be delivered to the opposite party until all signatures are obtained.
  • Awaiting Signature status for accepted contracts awaiting signatures on the documents.
  • Made buyer's information optional on the make an offer form
  • Revisions to the document options
  • Bug fix: Added party to tasks for the dual agent
  • Bug fix: Fixed cancel button in the profile area
  • Revised task email to say "Upcoming tasks"
  • Pre-fill phone number in the sign-up information, add notification options.

9/4/18- Release v02.5

  • NEW FEATURE: Text notifications for major events in a transaction. A user can choose if they want to be notified via text, email, or both.
  • NEW FEATURE: A centralized notification center for a user's events across the platform, available from the bell at the top left.
  • NEW FEATURE: Ability to select multiple documents from your device to create a document template.
  • NEW FEATURE: Edit terms of an accepted contract, including the ability to send an amendment for signature right within the editing workflow.
  • NEW FEATURE: Sharing a transaction document with all collaborators in an offer, ie. a seller's disclosure previously signed by your seller.
  • Enhancements for the experience of a dual agent.
  • Security enhancements
  • Bug fix: Corrected the offers that can be seen for a buyer's agent teammate
  • Bug fix: Offers will not expire if they have previously been countered.

8/16/18- Release v02.4

  • NEW FEATURE: Integration with BackAgent allowing Transactly documents to be sent straight to the unique transaction email in BackAgent.
  • NEW FEATURE: Ability to send a transaction document to any email address
  • NEW FEATURE: Creating document packages by putting multiple documents in one signature request.
  • NEW FEATURE: Editing a template already created
  • NEW FEATURE: Transaction filters
  • NEW FEATURE: Cancelling a signature request as part of deleting a document sent for signature
  • Ability to change the email address associated with your account
  • Extending the expiration of the one-time login link
  • Revisions to several emails sent from the platform
  • Removed field "Transaction Role" from creating a template
  • Bug fix: Revised card title for an offer submitted as Final Terms.
  • Bug fix: Corrected due date of the closing date task
  • Bug fix: Validation for email subject and note on eSign

8/3/2018- Release v02.3

  • NEW FEATURE: Inviting buyers to the platform when an offer is submitted
  • NEW FEATURE: Allowing all agents on the platform to create transactions
  • NEW FEATURE: Social media preview for listing links
  • NEW FEATURE: Ability to add buyers in the collaborator area
  • NEW FEATURE: Ability to accept expired offers
  • Added a success screen for Forgot Password
  • Expanded number of characters in eSignature messages to 1,000
  • Changed + button on the offer form to "Add"
  • Changed Transactly logo in the upper left to a link
  • Updated offer emails
  • Added final and best emails
  • Bug fix: Revised date/time inputs on all offer forms
  • Bug fix: Corrected formatting for phone numbers
  • Bug fix: Corrected sorting of completed tasks
  • Bug fix: Corrected validation on the accept offer workflow
  • Bug fix: Corrected appearance of contingencies on the offer card

7/20/2018- Release v02.2

  • NEW FEATURE: Requesting Best and Final Offers
  • NEW FEATURE: Entering final terms when negotiations have been partially or totally off the platform
  • NEW FEATURE: Entering an offer on behalf of an agent not using Transactly
  • Performance increases
  • Bug fix: Sending documents for signature on accepted offers
  • Bug fix: Correct Seller Closing Costs to Seller Paid Closing Costs
  • Bug fix: Corrected recipients for uploaded document emails
  • Bug fix: Link in transaction shared email corrected

7/9/2018- Release v.02.0

  • NEW FEATURE: People can now see when other parties view offers and counteroffers
  • Major re-design to simplify how offers are organized and displayed
  • Creations of Accepted or Declined contract card
  • Moved Conversations and Collaborators
  • Document titles now pre-fill with file name, and option to modify
  • Modified labels on offer cards to be consistent with industry terminology
  • Created email notifications to be sent when documents shared with you are completely signed and available to be viewed in the application
  • Email notifications when a document is uploaded and shared with you
  • Fixed a formatting bug regarding the listing photo not showing for some listings.
  • Fixed bugs and improved functionality of Conversations
  • Created offer specific and transaction task lists for the listing agent

6/15/2018- Release v.01.15

  • Simplified the make an offer form for buyer's agents
  • Added a summary page to the offer and counteroffer process before submission
  • Simplified the counteroffer form
  • Added Notes feature for each user to make private notes on a transaction
  • Added Transactly logo to the login screen
  • Tasks now sorted in date order
  • Bug fix for the send template for signature workflow
  • Ability to delete uploaded documents from the offer or counter offer workflow before the offer is submitted
  • Simplify sign-up process by providing a single link to click from the confirmation email instead of a temporary password.

6/1/2018 - Release v.01.14

  • Ability to add more collaborators after an offer is submitted.
  • Conversation fixes
  • Weekly summaries of completed tasks
  • Re-design for eSigning section
  • Added instructions throughout the application
  • Auto download of PDFs in all browsers
  • Ability to add multiple documents in the create transaction wizard
  • Bug fix: for error handling with the HelloSign Iframe

5/17/2018 - Release v.01.13

  • Tasks auto-generated when a contract is accepted.
  • Ability to manually add, edit, check-off, and delete tasks.
  • The first iteration of conversations - the ability to have conversations with other collaborators in a transaction.
  • Set a signing order to documents sent for eSignature.
  • Eliminated document overwriting when previously-stored documents are sent for signature.
  • Removed document class.
  • Knowledge Base link added to the menu.
  • Updated favicon.
  • The sign-Up page is the default view after going to a Make an Offer page.
  • Documents are required for submitting an offer.

5/7/2018 - Release v.01.12

  • Added Intercom (help chat) to the Make an Offer page
  • Counteroffer emails for both the sender and recipients of the counteroffer
  • Expanding document titles to 50 characters
  • Added validation to offer, counteroffer, and accept, reminding the user to upload a file when they've chosen upload or upload and send for signature
  • Added loading spinners to several areas of the application
  • Automatically expiring listing and transactions based on date/time.
  • A display message if a document is awaiting signatures on the offer and cannot be viewed.
  • Shortened 'Make an Offer' URL
  • Fix: preventing listing agents from updating to the buyer's agent when an offer is accepted
  • Fix: allowing members of an offer to see previous offers and counteroffers
  • Added validation for 'Make an Offer' workflow that forces buyer's agent to add buyer and documents.
  • Fix: Allowing deletion of a document template when there was an error in the eSignature iFrame
  • Fix: Allowing the application to open in Internet Explorer (although still not fully compatible)
  • Changed 'Listings' menu item and to 'Transactions'
  • Corrected validation on password to be on password page not the end of the wizard
  • Fix: Create unique file names for listing photos to prevent issues with uploading one image for multiple listings.

4/27/2018 - Release v.01.11

We are live with our Beta platform!